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The Veterans Office – Student Services Center: 

The Office of Veterans Affairs at Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi provides assistance for active duty and reserve service members, Veterans, and their dependents in applying for Veterans Education Benefits under the GI Bill® and/or Texas Hazlewood and Hazlewood Legacy Act.  If you are new to Texas A&M Corpus Christi, you can use this online checklist to help you get started on your application for admission and your application for Veterans Education Benefits.  If you have any questions during this process, contact the Veterans Office at TAMU-CC at (361) 825-2331 or e-mail us at

Admission to the University:

For Veterans applying for admission as either Freshman or Transition Students, you should go to the webpage, setup an account, and apply for admission directly for Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi.  The undergraduate application fee is $50 or $75 for graduate application fee (not covered by the GI Bill® or Hazlewood).  For more information, go to the TAMU-CC Admission webpage.

High School Transcripts:

High School Transcripts are submitted to the Admission Office if the student has less than 30 accumulated transfer credit hours based on all types of higher education (NOT including credit given for military experience).  If you have over 30 credit hours you do NOT need to request high school transcripts for admission.  High school transcripts should be mailed directly to the Admissions Office or can be faxed to: 361-825-5887.

Military Transcripts: 

You must request military SMART or AARTS Transcripts for review by the Admissions Office for evaluation of your military experience and training for possible academic credit based on your military experience or training.  Request transcripts and get more information .

SAT or ACT Test Scores:

SAT or ACT Test scores are used to determine admission for students with less than 30 college credit hours (excluding credit given for military experience).  Active duty service members can possibly test through the Education Services Office (ESO) on their base or post for free.  For students who still need to take the test, you can take the ACT Residual Test for Admission to Texas A&M Corpus Christi at the Office of Academic Testing.  You can schedule the exam and take it on campus. Test scores are available immediately and can be used directly for admission. Cost for this exam can be reimbursed by the GI Bill®.

Veterans Online Application (VONAPP):

To apply for benefits under the GI Bill®, go online to the Veterans Online Application (VONAPP) and go to the eBenefits webpage. Setup an account and password and start a new application for benefits.  Use the following online forms to apply for the VA Benefit that you qualify for:

  1. Post-9/11, Montgomery, Reserve Select GI Bill®s (Chapter 30, 33, 1606, 1607): VA Form 22-1990
  2. Post-9/11 GI Bill® for Spouse/Dependent (Chapter 33 -Transferred): VA Form 22-1990e
  3. Dependent Education Assistance (Chapter 35 - DEA) for Dependents: VA Form 22-5490 [normally for dependents of 100% disabled or deceased Veterans]. 
  4. Vocational Rehabilitation Program (Chapter 31 - Voc Rehab): VA Form 28-1900.

Once you complete your online application, the VA Regional Processing Center in Muskogee, Oklahoma, will send you a Certificate of Eligibility (COE), also known as an Award Letter, via the US Postal Service.  Bring this letter to our Veterans Office as soon as possible.  You can apply online at the Veterans Office.  We can assist you during the application process. 

Federal Financial Aid:

All students are highly encourages to apply for Federal Financial Aid during the application process.  Even if you believe you will not receive any financial aid you should apply and submit an application to review what benefits maybe available to you.  Benefits may include Federal Pell Grants, Texas Grants, Federally guaranteed loans, unsecured loans, Federal Work-Study Program, etc.  Many scholarships require that the student submit a complete Federal Financial Aid Application before they can apply for Scholarships.  Veterans are highly encouraged to apply!  Recently separated Veterans can submit a change of status form to the Financial Aid Office to adjust their income level for post-military service levels of income. 

For more information, contact the Office of Financial Aid.
Thee application for Federal Financial Aid can be accessed at the Federal Student Aid website.

To Start Benefits at TAMU-CC:

To start your GI Bill® Benefits at TAMU-CC, bring the following documents to the Veterans Office located on campus at the Student Services Center:
  1. Certificate of Eligibility (Award Letter)
  2. DD Form 214 Member 4 Copy (Original/Certified)
  3. Official Degree Plan from Academic Advisor
  4. Request for certification
  5. Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE) – Reserve/National Guard Only

Request DD Form 214 Discharge Form:

Veterans and dependents can request a copy of their DD Form 214 Discharge Form from the US National Archives.  It takes from 4 – 8 weeks to receive a requested discharge record. Military personnel may file their DD214 with the county clerk in the county of residence. Texas Local Government Code, Section 192.002 authorizes the county clerk to file the military discharge at no cost. Filing the military discharge provides a permanent record for future proof of service for Veterans’ benefits.

Request for Certification Form: 
The Request for Certification Form is a local form used by the Veterans Office to process your request for benefits, and is required EVERY semester AFTER you register for classes.  The student must submit this form for each semester they are requesting benefits.  We will not process a claim for benefits until we have a completed Intent to Enroll Form submitted each semester. You can access the form online here.

Hazlewood Benefit: 

To apply for the Hazlewood Benefit, check out the Veterans Office Hazlewood website. Hazlewood is a State of Texas benefit for qualified Texas Veterans.  Qualified Veterans can transfer their unused Hazlewood credit hours (up to 150) to a qualified dependent (and in some cases a spouse).  Required documents include the DD Form 214 Member 4 Copy, State issued photo ID (for Veteran and student), Birth Certificate or recent tax records (showing a child as a dependent), and additional documents as stated on our Hazlewood website.

Contact Information:  
You can bring complete packets for benefits to the TAMU-CC Veterans Office located in the Student Services Center on the A&M Corpus Christi campus after you have been accepted for admission and registered for classes.  Our contact information is:

Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi
Office of Veterans Affairs
Student Services Center
6300 Ocean Drive, Unit #5775
Corpus Christi, Texas 78412-5775
Tel: 361-825-2331
Fax: 361-825-2533

Notice: The TAMUCC Office of Veterans Affairs is a department of Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi, a State of Texas Agency, not part of the federal Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA).  The Veterans Affairs Coordinator is also the VA Certifying Official who certifies current students for benefits they qualify for under the GI Bill® to the DVA.  In order to apply and be certified for benefits, students must provide all necessary documents and maintain a current file with the TAMUCC Veterans Office, which include a current updated VA Certificate of Eligibility (VA Award Letter), DD Form 214 Member 4 Copy, updated and current degree plan, and must submit an Intent to Enroll Form and/or Hazlewood Form each semester for which they wish to use your benefits.  The Hazlewood Benefits requires additional documents, including but not limited to the DD Form 214 Member 4 Copy, Texas Drivers License or ID, birth certificate or recent tax return; contact the TAMUCC Veterans Office for more information. 

If you do not submit the required documents when requested, your GI Bill® Benefits or Hazlewood may be delayed or suspended until these documents are provided.  Also, as the student and beneficiary of the GI Bill® and Hazlewood, you are financially responsible for all debts acquired during your school attendance and must ensure that your University bill is paid in full and current each semester.  Your GI Bill® will be applied based on the policies and procedures of the Veterans Offices, but is subject to payment by the DVA based on your qualifications for benefits and/or qualification for benefits under the State of Texas Hazlewood.  The Veterans Office cannot defer or provide documentation that payment is pending and the student must work directly with the Business Office and/or Accounts Receivable in order to ensure that they do not get dropped from classes each semester.

Each of the Veterans Benefits Below provides the following assistances:

  • Chapter 30 – Pays the Student a Monthly Stipend for school attendance.*
  • Chapter 31 – Pays tuition, fees, parking permit, and books directly to the University; also pays a monthly stipend or BAH (see VA Office for details).
  • Chapter 33 – Pays tuition and fees directly the University; Monthly Stipend & book allowance paid to student. 
  • Chapter 35 – Pays the Student a Monthly Stipend for school attendance. *
  • Chapter 1606 – Pays the Student a Monthly Stipend for school attendance.*
  • Hazlewood Act – Exempts tuition and most (but not all) fees; Student is responsible for paying Student Services Fee, other fees & all non-mandatory fees. 
* Does NOT pay tuition or fees to the University; Student is responsible for paying all tuition and fees to the University; DVA pays all benefits one month AFTER the benefit is used.

A Veteran Request for Certification Form must be submitted each term that you request an enrollment certification for benefits.

Veteran Intent to Enroll Form

Request Certification Form

This form must be submitted upon registration each term, for an enrollment certification to be submitted to the Office of Veterans Affairs


Other documentation may be required for processing (please see Other Required Documentation below).

Other Required Documentation
If you are a CH 31 Voc Rehab student, you must also present a copy of your 1905 and supporting documents to the Veterans Affairs Office for certification purposes.

Training Time
Training time for students receiving veterans' educational benefits refers to enrollment status and is defined by Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi as follows:

Undergraduate and Post-Baccalaureate Students

  • Full-time student: enrolled 12 hours or more in Fall or Spring semester
  • Three-quarter-time student: enrolled 9 to 11 hours in Fall or Spring semester
  • Half-time student: enrolled 6 to 8 hours in Fall or Spring semester
  • Less than half-time student or active duty member: enrolled 5 hours or less in Fall or Spring semester (reimbursement of tuition and fees only)

Graduate Students

  • Full-time student: enrolled 9 hours or more in Fall or Spring semester
  • Three-quarter-time student: enrolled 7 to 8 hours in Fall or Spring semester
  • Half-time student: enrolled 5 to 6 hours in Fall or Spring semester
  • Less than half-time student or active duty member: enrolled 4 hours or less in Fall or Spring semester (reimbursement of tuition and fees only)

For information on enrollment status requirements for students receiving financial aid (administered through the Office of Student Financial Assistance), please refer to the Office of Student Financial Assistance web site. The criteria for enrollment status of students receiving financial aid and training time for Dept. of Veterans Affairs benefits may differ.