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Military Waivers

Military Waivers and Residency: 

There are two types of waivers available for students who meet certain requirements. The first is for active duty military service members who are stationed in the State of Texas for military duty and their immediate family members who wish to attend school in the State of Texas. You may qualify for in-state tuition by submitting the Military Waiver Form to the Office of Veteran Affairs on or before the semester census date. The second type of waiver is for Veterans and their immediate family members who qualify and will be using the GI Bill®.  A student must be actively using a VA education benefit to qualify.  The Veterans waiver is only valid for one academic year.  A residency questionnaire must be submitted to the office of Recruitment and Admissions upon expiration. 

Please note there is NO waiver for Veterans or their dependents applying to use the Hazlewood Benefit. To qualify for Hazlewood a Veteran and the student must be a current state resident and qualify for in-state tuition. No exceptions!

Veterans Waiver Form (GI Bill®)

If you believe you qualify as a Texas Residency you should fill out and submit the Residency Questionnaire. To qualify for Texas residency you must meet the residency requirements of the Admissions Department AND provide proof of your Texas residency. The student has the burden of proof to prove and/or establish residency in the State of Texas to qualify for in-state tuition. The Admission office will require proof be submitted along with the Residency Questionnaire PRIOR TO THE CENSUS DATE of the current semester for review and possible approval. Initial residency is based on the information you provided on your application for admission to the school. If you state that you are coming from out-of-state or are currently a resident of another state prior to starting school, that information will be considered in your residency questionnaire, so please fill out your application for admission carefully.

DUE DATE FOR MILITARY WAVIERS/RESIDENCY QUESTIONNAIRE: Semester Census Date: 12th class day for Fall and Spring and 4th class day for Summer.  Please visit the academic calendar for specific dates. 

Veterans Choice Act

Under the Choice Act, "covered individuals"  may be eligible to receive in-state tuition rates.  Please visit here to see if you qualify.